akronim is a social innovator that aims to be the leading educator on the application of management consulting skills for individuals and micro - and small - enterprises alike.

We are:
  • A network of young professionals that want to be the difference in the African growth story
  • South African professionals with extensive, diverse experience from working at top-tier global management consulting companies
  • Inspired by the values of education, collaboration, innovation, individual empowerment and entrepreneurship
In our view, it is these values that strengthen the foundational elements for the long-term, sustainable economic emergence of African economies and the people that live, work and run businesses in these economies.

At akronim we believe that the core management consulting skills of structured problem-solving, clearly understanding stakeholder needs, effective communication and driving pragmatic change transcend all aspects of life and business. By sharing these skills, know-how and techniques, we help individuals and micro- and small- enterprises to be more successful.

It is our purpose to educate and share our collective experience to help:
  • School learners make better informed subjects and further education choices
  • School leavers and university students gain a real-world orientation of being a problem-solver in business and make better informed career choices
  • Entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations make more compelling cases to investors and donors
  • Micro- and small- enterprises build the business growth and operational improvement capabilities that enhance business success
  • Management consultants and micro- firms strengthen their capabilities and improve the quality of their talent base
Achieving the above starts with education and learning. We will offer a number of courses via mobile learning that can be inexpensively accessed from anywhere and at any time. Our courses are augmented by online tests as well as offline case studies and assignments that enrich the learning experience.
Contact us directly to know more about our planned courses and roll out.